Our Partnership

This Membership clarifies the mutual expectations and understanding of lead generation between Global Wireless Business Solutions (GWBS) and you the (Client).

How you use the Leads provided:

Client agrees that the leads supplied to Client from GWBS will only be used by Client and not be sold, traded or offered to any other party for any reason.  Should Client have the need to use the supplied Leads for a customer of Client, Client must receive written approval from GWBS.  Client must submit such request to Support@gwbsllc.com

What our team Provides:

GWBS will provide the services of lead generation utilizing the tools GWBS has subscribed to for the sole purposes of client use to market their products/services. 

GWBS will also provide mentoring, advising and consulting on the best practices of targeting Leads for the client and support client in exporting leads to the clients MAP Instance.

Your Lead Membership and Profiles

Your Monthly Lead Generation Membership will provide you up to 500 leads per month based on the Lead Profiles provided by Client each month.  Client may submit up to 4 different Lead Profiles per month.  Client agrees and understands that GWBS will use best practices to provide accurate lead data to Client, and Client will not hold GWBS responsible for data that may be inaccurate.  Any data that is found to be inaccurate, GWBS agrees to re-enter the data into the Lead Generation tools at no charge to attempt to find the correct data.  However Client agrees and understands that the new data still may not be 100% accurate.

Monthly Membership

This Membership shall be effective upon the acceptance date of this Membership which will be the date of acceptance below, and shall be non-cancelable by Client and shall remain in effect for 3 months from the acceptance date, and then will continue on a month to month basis.  Your Membership will be $500 per month and will be automatically billed each month on the anniversary of your acceptance date to the supplied credit card each month your membership is active.  After the initial 3 months, the client may cancel at any time.

Confidential Data and Intellectual Property Rights

GWBS acknowledges and accepts the Lead Profile Data requests from Client and the actual Lead Data is the property of the client and GWBS will not provide this Lead Profile or Lead Data to any other party.  Client agrees and understands that individual or group Lead Data supplied by GWBS may be part of a different Lead Profile from a different GWBS Client. In addition, neither party shall divulge to others, any data concerning or pertaining to the supplied Lead Data nor Lead Profile practices of the other Party.